After six months on the beach with the National Program, I, along with the coaches have decided to call an end to my time in Adelaide. My time with the team has been a fantastic experience for me, both on and off the court. While I am very sad to finish the experience I am sure my time around volleyball be it beach or indoor, playing or coaching is far from over.

During my time on the beach I met some amazing people I know consider close friends, whom I sure I will be in contact with for many years to come and hope to enjoy their success with them. I was welcomed in the environment in Adelaide with open arms by players and staff alike which makes leaving all the more difficult. Being in the program give me the opportunity to compete in five Swatch FIVB World Tour events this season which is something I will never forget.

I leave with the absolute belief that beach volleyball in Australia is in good hands and that the athletes playing have the chance for limitless success on the World stage. The effort put in here in Adelaide and while away touring is first class and will reap great benefits in the future. I wish the whole program the best heading towards London and beyond.

The highlight of my time on the beach was by far and away seeing Bawden/Palmer get a 2nd place in the World Tour event in Stare Jablonki, Poland. The way they played in their new partnership was a thrill to see live.

Next week I will head back to Melbourne to make some decisions about what the future may hold for me. One thing I’m really looking forward to is getting back into the coaching I was doing around Victoria, to help the next generation achieve their goals in volleyball.


10/16/2009 21:34

congratulations on an awesome career luke!

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